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Enhance the Safety & Reliability of your Bilge Pump Systems!

  • Best electrical prcatice for Wet Locations
    • Connections are made in a waterproof enclosure rated IP671
    • Wire and cable penetrations are sealed to IP67.
  • Best Electrical Efficiency
    • Improved electrical architecture permits a much shorter load current path.2
  • Best Materials Economy
    • Shorter load current path requires less wire length and smaller wire gauge.Installation does not require crimp terminals, heat shrink, etc.
  • Best Reliability
    • Because connections are made in a sealed enclosure, there is no chance of bilge pump failure due to wet or corroded connections. The Spearman 413 uses the float switch as a pilot device (good practice) and not as a power switch (bad practice). Because of this, the float switch does not carry the bilge pump load current. This imposes less electrical stress on the float switch, extending both it's service life and reliability.  
  • Best Maintenance
    • Replacement of a bilge pump or float switch is simplified, requiring only a screwdriver and no additional parts such as butt connectors or terminals.
  • Best Control Logic3
    • When a 413 RDL or RWP optional remote control is connected to the 413 Hub, the remote: 
      • Indicates power is present at the pump connections (AUTO-MAN mode).
      • Mode switch defaults to AUTO - must be deliberately turned off.
      • Indicates when OFF is selected.
      • If no remote is connected, the 413 Hub operates the pump in AUTO mode.
  • Best Protection
    • Faulty or failed bilge pump systems cause severe damage to vessels, not only by failing to prevent flooding, but also by way of impressed current corrosion due to wires becoming immersed in water. Sometimes faulty bilge pumps lead to sinking and loss of life.


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About Spearman Enterprises

Prior to 1990, the owner of Spearman Enterprises, Ron Sale, was involved in product R&D relating to electric scooters (processor driven PWM), and the (ongoing) development of a Liquid Selective Bilge Pump Control system.

Having had prior experience with boat wiring, it was evident that much improvement needed to be made in the marine electrical field, and over years, that need became an important focus of attention.

Since 1990, Spearman's main areas of activity have been the design, installation and repair of marine electrical systems, including AC and DC, control and distribution. Over this period, Spearman also designed and built electrical systems for aviation refuelers, PWM hydraulic controls, and performed the initial development of our DC Main and distribution components. This equipment finds application in vessels ranging from very small (25 ft) to not so small (120 ft) boats engaged in recreational, commercial and industrial use.

Spearman's approach to component design is that since vessel machinery spaces and bilges are likely to involve damp or wet locations, their electrical system components should be designed and constructed to stay dry. Spearman's designs accommodate the need for safe, durable systems and equipment well suited to the harsh requirements of vessels engaged in winter commercial marine operations.



1. IP means Ingress Protection. IP67 means Dust tight, Submersible 15cm to 1m.

2. This is because the Spearman mode switch doesn't carry the load current of the pump as the Rule and other bilge pump systems do. Hence, the distance between power source and the load is much shorter.

3. The Rule and Blue Sea type controls involve a 3 position (MAN-OFF-AUTO) switch with a pilot light intended to indicate when the pump is running. Unfortunately, when in the MAN mode the pilot light only indicates power at the switch itself - not at the pump. These switches use a momentary position for manual operation or test. When released from the momentary position the switch defaults to the OFF position and must be moved again to select the AUTO position for normal float switch operation. Needless to say, many bilges are flooded because people forget to select the AUTO switch position. The Rule and Blue Sea type switches provide no warning that the bilge pump system is turned OFF.

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