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Bilge pump power and control is an area of marine electrical practice which has always been a bit of a thorny problem. This is not only because the components don't promote good electrical architecture, but also because the wiring at the location of the bilge pump and float switch is usually wet (hence the need for a bilge pump) and inherently difficult to work with in the field. This results in connections being inadequately protected from the wet, corrosive, or solvent laden bilge environment and leads directly to the early failure of the system and the dangers that can follow. It also leads directly to consequent damage to the vessel by electrolysis corrosion as well as flooding because when connections fail, a high current source is often immersed directly into the bilge water. This is not good.

What is good, is that with the Spearman 413 Power and Control Hub and the Spearman 413 Remote Control, all of the difficulties with bilge pumps and the problems and irritations normally associated with them, are solved. Once and for all!

The Spearman 413 Power & Control Hub is the correct answer to bilge pump system questions in almost every application.

The Spearman 413 Power and Control Hub and 413 Remote are available now at marine stores.

If you are a Canadian customer, please purchase from a dealer near you.

If you do not find a store in your area, or are a U.S. customer, please contact us directly.



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