413 RDL Remote Control

Product Description:

When a 413 RDL or RWP optional remote control is connected to the 413 Hub, the remote: Indicates power is present at the pump connections (AUTO-MAN mode). Mode switch defaults to AUTO - must be deliberately turned off. Indicates when OFF is selected. If no remote is connected, the 413 Hub operates the pump in AUTO mode.

Product Specifications:

Application: Switch for 413 Hub will work with any vessel equipped with DC bilge pumps

Installation Instructions

Features & Specifications

Price (MSRP): $90.00 each plus applicable taxes

   *Remote controls are optional - the 413 hub can be used as a standalone pump control without a remote. The remote control illustrated (413RDL) is for dry locations. A wet location version (413DWL) is also available. Contact Spearman for information on custom single or cluster array remote control panels.Standard 413RDL/DWL dimensions are 3.25 x 2.00 (82.6mm x50.8mm).

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